BXJ900 Series LCD Metallurgical microscope

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BXJ900 Series LCD Metallurgical microscope is one new microscope, it is suitable to observe the sample while with the sharp image.


Specification Details BXJ900



Digital Parts

Pixes 5 Mega
Max Resolution 2560X1920
Video Resolution 640X480
LCD Screen 8’ TFT Screen with 800X600
Video Output AV/NTSC/PAL
Data Output USB2.0
Language Chinese/English
Storage SD Card with 4G
Exposure Mode Auto
Data Mode Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute





Optical Parts

Optical System Infinity optical system f=200mm
Eyepiece WF10X/22mm
Objective Plan 5X/0.12 WD=26.1mm
Plan 10X/0.25 WD=20.1mm
Plan 20X/0.40 WD=8.8mm o
Plan 40X/0.60(S) WD=3.98mm
Plan 50X/0.70(S) WD=3.68mm o
Plan 60X/0.7(S) WD=1.22mm
Plan 80X/0.80(S) WD=1.25mm o
Plan 100X/0.85(S) WD=0.4mm o
Focus System Coarse and Fine, Min Division 2µ
Nosepiece Inward Quintuple
Stage 210X140mm, Moving Range 75X50mm
Condenser Abbe Condenser NA=1.25, Adjustable
Illumination Halogen lamp, 12V/50W,  Reflecting Adjustable
Halogen lamp, 12V/30W,  Transmitted Light
Polarizer can be rotated 360 degree
Analyzer can be rotated 360 degree with scale
compensator λλ/4 quarts wedge compensator
Optional 0.5X CCD Adapter o
1X CCD Adapter o
Weight 13KGS  
  Volume 36x31x68CM