AC-110A Metallurgical ManualAutomatic Cutting Machine

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AC-110A Manual/Automatic cutting machine are designed and manufactured according to the European health and safety standard. The series of machines consist of controlling system, cutting system, lighting system ,cooling system and cleaning system. Super cooling system can make workpiece avoid while cutting. Imported switch and the safety of the operators .Simultaneously AC-110A owns the manual and automatic features that makes it own widely.
The machines successfully combines the latest cutting technology. high flexibility and convenience into one. The series of machine are especially suitable for tertiary institutions , automobile manufacturing industry, steel and metallurgical industries as will as materials R & D and so on.


  • Three kinds cutting method :chop-cutting,reciprocating cutting
  • Controllable handle in the direction of Y provides you with the convenience to some extent
  • large display, liquid crystal displays various cutting data
  • “T-slot” wide-working table , special clamps for large specimens
  • Cutting capacity of abrasive wheel Φ110mm
  • Super cooling tanks with 80L
  • Cleaning Function of spaying water
  • Independent lighting system
  • Motor Specification 4KW
  • Power Supply: 3Phases/380V/50Hz