Automatic computer-controlled machines

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Automatic Compression Testing Machines 2000 to 6000 kN capacity, computer-controlled with ETIWIN system.
This type of machine has been specifically designed and built to meet the requirements of users that need to test material strengths at the worksite or in a laboratory. Class 1 construction with accuracy better than ±1 % in compliance with international standards: UNE EN 12.390; AASHTO T22; ASTM E4.
This series features: sturdiness, measurement precision, easy handling, easy transportation and compliance with current standards.The rigid body structure in a weld-free frame ensures perfect repeatability and precision in test results.
The machine consists of two parts:
Test Frame
The frame consists of an attractive, mechanically stable, compact, undeformable system of 4 columns. The bottom machine bed houses the sleeve and piston unit; the upper crossbar closes off the test frame. The compression plates are tempered and ground in compliance with the requirements for hardness, flatness and smoothness described in standard UNE EN 12.390. The bottom plate has concentric markings that are very helpful for correct placement of the test specimens. The top plate includes a self-locking ball joint for perfect seating of the specimen. The top plate includes a round self-locking ball joint with its centre of rotation on the base of the plate to prevent lateral stresses and the resulting application of axial forces on the test specimen. The test frame includes a locking transparent FRONT DOOR for protection of the user against pieces of the specimen being ejected during the test. This complies with E.C. directives.
Control desk
Made of oven-painted steel sheet metal, consisting of the following basic components:
Hydraulic unit.
Computer system for test measurement, control and recording.
The test frame includes an emergency stop device and low voltage conditioners.
Desk dimensions: 1430 x 600 x 930 mm
Weight: 200 Kg approx.
The hydraulic unit is mounted on an anti-vibration system and housed in the lower part of the control desk. This high pressure hydraulic unit is airtight, anti-pollutant and with very low noise emission. It is powered by an electric motor and equipped with an on-off switch. The servo-control performs an automatic closed loop control of loads from 2000 Kg, to ensure that load application is constant and uniform.
The hydraulic cylinder and piston are made of special ground steel. An end-stop device restrains the piston. Given the high pressures that occur during compression tests, an O-ring has been placed in one of the grooves of the cylinder to reduce friction to a minimum.
The unit is equipped with a series of safety accessories:
Anti-overpressure valve.
Magnetic anti oil pollution filter.
Protection device against power anomalies.
System for test measurement, control and recording.
The system for data control, acquisition and collection is completely automatic and carried out by the following equipment and components.
Compatible PC.
National Instruments 16 channel card.
ETIWIN software.
The machine is controlled by software. The software was developed by our own IT department. Programming, in a Labview environment, enables the machine to be controlled via the National Instruments card (installed in the PC). The card, the software and the servo-control allow precise control of the test with capacity for collecting up to 100,000 data items per second. As a result, the applied force is controlled very eff ectively and real test result charts can be obtained.
In addition, the 16 channel card can be used to add new transducers to the machine to perform new tests such as elastic modulus calculation, Poisson coefficient, etc. The control of the machine makes it easier to perform dynamic tests. For example, the application of a load during a period of time without breaking the specimen, reducing the load and holding it steady for a period, applying a second load (equal to or greater than the first load) and so on while programming as many loading and unloading cycles as desired.
One of the advantages of this equipment is that it is completely automatic. A single push of a button instigates the following steps:
The test is performed.
The failure is detected.
The results are saved.
The equipment returns to its original position at maximum speed.
The graph is displayed.
The test is printed, etc.
The machine according to the description, consists of the following components:
Test frame
Compression plates
Control desk
ETIWIN programme

Our company has been awarded the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate. Our system and process controls guarantee the quality of the equipment we manufacture. The press is subject to strict controls during the manufacturing process, to guarantee the quality of the fi nal product. The product is delivered with the following certificates:
ENAC calibration certifi cate for force measuring instruments ISO 7500-1
Plate hardness certifi cate. (in compliance with UNE EN 12.390).
Plate fl atness certifi cate. (in compliance with UNE EN 12.390).
Plate smoothness certifi cate. (in compliance with UNE EN 12.390).