Super range video measuring machine

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Product Features

1. Super range bridge-moving structure, running steadily and with no distortion
2. Timing transmission of Y axes, closed loop design of X axes,insure that when running, the physical phenomenon of swinging left and right or swinging tail will not appear and so the precision increases.
3. CNC control system for the 4 axes (X/Y/Z full closed loop servo control system/U stepping control system), with speed changeable.
4. American NAVITAR lens, together with Motor Zoom technology, makes full automatic continuous zooming come true, need no calibration when changing zoom arbitrarily.

Applied fields

Large stamping parts, PCB, TFT, backlight, insulation parts, panel, frame and so on.


Model SP-SV-1000 SP-SV-1200 SP-SV-1500
Measuring Range (X/Y/Z:mm) 800×1000×200 1000×1200×200 1200×1500×200
Dimension(mm) 1600×2300×1500 1800×2500×1500 2000×2700×1500
Operation Mode Automatic
CCD 430,000 pixel Japanese original color CCD
Lens American NAVITAR Motor Zoom lens
Magnification Optical magnification: 0.7X-4.5X;
Image magnification: 28X-180X
Software OVM FOR CNC
Optical Ruler Resolution 1µm
Repeatability 2µm
Precision (3+L/200)µm
Machine Load Capacity 20kg
Applicable Environment Power:110V~220V±10% 50/60HZ
Temperature: 20±5 oC  Humidity: 45%-75%