Water Resistance Tester

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Used for testing the ooze water resistance of many kinds of fabric such as cloth, canvas, coating cloth tents, tarpaulin, rainproof garment fabric and fabric material, etc. Sample was fixed in the 100 cm2 area sample holder.


  1. PLC control, color touch screen display with the Chinese-English menu, built-in 5 kinds of measurement mode. Pressure curve show,  the servo motor control pressure pump speed.
  2. Built-in tank design, original rate of hydraulic balance system, stable and accurate speed.
  3. through PC interface record each test data and curve
  4. Increased rate of water (water level) can be arbitrarily set 0-500 cm  h2o/min
  5. Mannual pressure.
  6. Safety guard for ring – avoid side water permeability
  7. Measuring range: 0 pa – 200 kpa or 2000 mbar

Standards: ISO811 GB/T4744  FZ/T01004 AATCC 127 JIS L1092 DIN 53886