XSK200 DIC Industrial Microscope

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XSK200 DIC Industrial Microscope has been experimented and advanced many times by our professional staff, has steady performance and good effect, is ratified by several top 500 companies, has reached the domestic leading standard.


Specification XSK200T
Optical System Infinity Optical System F=200mm
Viewing Head Siedentopf trinocular head, inclined at 30°, interpupilary 50~75mm
Eyepiece WF10X/20mm

Focus Length 45mm

Plan Achromatic Objective 4X/0.10 WD=17.41mm
Plan Achromatic Objective 10X/0.25 WD=16.29mm
Plan Achromatic Objective 20X/0.45 WD=1.06mm
Plan Achromatic Objective 40X/0.65 WD=0.70mm
Plan Achromatic Objective 50X/0.75 WD=0.562mm
Plan Achromatic Objective 60X/0.75 WD=0.579mm

Focus Length 95mm

M Plan APO HL Objective 2X/0.055 WD=34.56mm
M Plan APO HL Objective 5X/0.055 WD=44.50mm
M Plan APO HL Objective 10X/0.055 WD=34.00mm
M Plan APO HL Objective 20X/0.055 WD=31.00mm
M Plan APO HL Objective 50X/0.055 WD=20.50mm
Nosepiece Triple
Quintuple nosepiece with the DIC Jack
Stage Double layers stage 350×255mm, moving range: 200×200mm
Filter Green, Blue, Neutral
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine with rack and pinion, fine scale value 0.002mm
Illumination Halogen 12V 50W, adjustable, with aperture and field Iris diaphragm
Polarizing Analyzer rotatable 360°, polarizer and analyzer can be moved out/in
Checking 0.01mm micrometer
Optional Material Plus Software
Focus Length 60mm Series Objectives