Standards UNE EN 13589; 13398; NLT 126; UNE 7093; ASTM D113; AASHTO T51; CNR N.44 PR-EN
Used to determine bitumen ductility, that is, the distance that a bituminous specimen can be stretched under controlled thermostatic conditions before it ruptures. The ductilometer consists principally of a moving carriage that slides along guide rails. The carriage is driven by an electric motor housed inside a thermostatic stainless steel bath, fitted with heating elements, a thermostat and a pump. The equipment performs the test automatically at a speed of 50 mm/min. and can work with 3 specimens simultaneously.

Usable travel: 1500 mm
Power supply: 2 20 V 50 Hz – 1000 W
Weight: 95 kg
Dimensions: 2140 x 350 x 400 mm