AMP-2 Automatic Mounting press

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AMP-2 is auto mounting press with the water-cooling technology, Mounting press is used for inlay the irregular metallurgical specimens. AMP-2 is an auto-machine, it can setup with the heating temperature, mounting time and force.the operator can choose the mounting mould among diameter: 22, 30, 45mm in one AMP-2, so the users can tailoer the mounting size base on the dimension of testing specimen, and it will save the consumables so as to save the investment obviously.


AMP2-22 AMP2-30 AMP2-45
Order#r 713-252 713-262 713-272
Mould diameter φ22mm φ30mm φ45mm
Input voltage 220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Power Max. 1000W
Pressure 0~2MPa
Temperature 0~300°C
Mounting time 0~99 minutes and 0~59 seconds can be setup
Dimension 380×350×420mm
Net Weight 100Kg
Cooling system By water