High-speed Metallurgical Specimen Grinder/Polisher HP Series


In metallographic testing laboratory, it is the indispensable procedures about sample’s pre-rubbing, grinding and polishing during the cause of metallographic sample preparation. HP series of grinder/polisher is developed and designed after extensive market surveys in many aspects and absorb users’ requirements. It’s a newly developed product with novel appearance.
It starts steady with high-speed and low noise and it can meet different specimen preparation requirements. It can improve the quality of grinding, polishing and preparing efficiency of the specimen.


Order# 712-252 712-262 712-272
Diameter of Grinding Disc Φ250 Φ250 Φ250
Diameter of Sand Paper Φ230 Φ230 Φ230
Diameter of Polishing Disc Φ220 Φ220 Φ220
Rotation Speed 50-1400rpm 300/500/600/1000rpm 500/1000rpm
Power Supply 350W/220V/50Hz 370W/380V/50Hz 550W/380V/50Hz
Dimension 700 x 610 x 330mm 700 x 610 x 330mm 700 x 610 x 330mm
Net Weight 80Kg 80Kg 80Kg