Horizontal profile projector SPH-4025


The product structures are strong in commonality, this instrument is beautiful in its outward appearances and convenient for operations;
Imported V-type straight-line slide-way is adopted for the hoisting driving of the worktable, light and comfortable in driving;
The two high-and-low adjustable light intensities for transmission and indirect lightings can be adaptable for measuring requirements of different workpieces;
In high quality in its optical system, the objectives are clear in imaging and accurate in multiplying factors;
The fiber transmission is adopted for the indirect lighting, which is small in dimensions, high in its brightness and convenient for uses;
Casting aluminum is selected for the processing of worktables, light in weight;
This instrument is of super-precision, with stable and reliable performances.

SPH-4025, φ400mm horizontal projector is a photoelectric measuring system of high precision and efficiency. It is widely used in the trade of mechanism, mould, tool, electricity and light industry. It is a require in the checking department and workshop. The type optical comparator can inspect all kinds of surface and outline of the complicated work-pieces, such as template, cam, tread, gear, perform willing cutter


Model SPH-4025
Working table Stage size(mm) 450*200
X-axis travel(mm) 250
Y-axis travel(mm) 150
Z-axis travel(mm) 100(for focus)
Turning range ±15°
Resolution (X-axis, Y-axis) 0.5µm
Accuracy (3+L/25)um
Projector screen Screen size (mm) φ 400
Screen rotary range 0°~360°
Rotary angle resolution 1 ′  or  0.01°
Lens Magnification 5X 10X 20X 50X 100X
Object view(mm) φ80 φ40 φ20 φ8 φ4
Working distance(mm) 93.7 103.9 95.1 65.7 35
Data processing system  multi-function data processing system, appearing in English, Portuguese and Chinese, can be used to gather the data and measure the point, line, circle, angle and distance
Illumination Transmission: 24V/150W,cooling by fans.
Reflection:21V/150W,illuminated by two fibers ,cooling by fans.
Power  110V/220V(AC)          50/60Hz           total power=400W
Dimension L*W*H(mm)   1215*646*1210
Weight Unit:(kg)    240
Option Mini-printer, Edge detector, M2D software and so on, please refer to Accessories for profile projector for more details.