MC-50 Metallurgical Specimen Cutter


  • Specimen cutting is the first step during metallurgical sample preparation. MC-50 adopts high speed rotating thin grinding wheel to cut specimen, and it is equipped with cooling system to prevent the heat damage during cutting.
  • The operation of MC-50 is awfully easy and the maintenance is extremely convenient.


Model MC-50(711-112) MC-35(711-102)
Maxi Cutting section 50 x 50 mm 35 x 35 mm
Cutting Disc Size(mm) ¢300×2×¢32 ¢250×2×¢32
Rotation speed 2800r/min
Power Supply Y90L-2,2.6KW/380V/50Hz Y802-2, 1.2KW/ 380V/50Hz
Dimensions 740×465×390mm 650 ×400×350mm
Net Weight 70Kg 55Kg