Catalogue of Bitumen distillation

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Asphalt emulsion distillation residue

Standards UNE EN 1431; NLT -139; ASTM D244; AASHTO T59
Complete equipment to determine distillation residue, including the following components:
B0157/1 Distillation retort.
B0157/2 Butane gas ring burner, Ø 120 mm
B0157/3 Glass elbow release tube.
B0157/4 Zinc protector.
B0157/5 Glass cooler.
B0155/5 100 mL specimen
V0290 Bunsen burner
V0223 Ring with bosshead to hold the retort
V0191 Plate base support (2)
V1007 ASTM 7C thermometers (2) (- 2 + 300 °C)

Equipment for distilling fluidified bitumen

Standards UNE EN 13358; NLT 134; UNE 7.112; ASTM D402; AASHTO T78
Complete delivery includes the following equipment:
B0155/1 Distillation flask, capacity 500 mL
B0155/2 Flask protection device.
B0155/3 Glass cooler.
B0155/4 Extension with 105° angle
V1008 ASTM 8C thermometer (- 2 + 400 °C)
B0155/5 100 ml specimen
B0155/6 Container for residue 75 x 55 mm
V0290 Bunsen gas burner.
V0223 Ring with bosshead to hold the flask.
V0191 Plate base support (2)

Tar distillation

Standards NLT -189
Tar distilling equipment, compete with the following components:
B0155/1 Distilling flask.
V1008 Thermometer – 2 + 400 °C.
B0155/2 Flask protection device.
B0159/3 Glass cooler Ø 20 x 600 mm
B0159/2 25 ml specimen
B0155/5 100 ml specimen
V0290 Bunsen burner
B0159/1 Metal support with clamp