Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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Program Features

1. Maximum cycle settings: 1 pattern x 99 steps x 99 cycles. Program can be divided into subprograms with individual number of cycles
2. Maximum duration for each program is 99 hr 59 min
3. Controller provides memory recovery in case of power interruptions. Remaining unfinished program can be continued if power was interrupted during testing
4. Remaining test time display
5. Available in programmable or direct display ( for single temperature and humidity settings)

Control Characteristics
1. Capable of slope control
2. Four output channels ( for recorder )
3. PID control for temperature & humidity
4. Configurable alarm for temperature & humidity
5. Remote control system available for remote program execution


  1. Direct Display Temperature Chamber
    LED display 0.1°C, 1% resolution fix point P.I.D. control.
  2. Temperature Chamber ( Programmable )
    LED display 0.1°C, 1% resolution fix point P.I.D. control.
  3. Bench Top Humidity Chamber ( Set Poin )
    1. Function provided for high temperature, low temperature andconstant temperature & humidity
    2. All heat-up, pull-down, humidifying & de-humidifying are independant, high efficient,low defective and minimized costs.
    3. Build-in controller, P.I.D. auto control makes temperature and humidity more effective.
    4. Standard deviation point for temperature and humidity can be modified from the program.
    5. Self-diagnostic capability when sensor rod defected.
  4. Control characteristics:
    1. High temperature, low temperature and constant temperature & humidify can be independantly used to conform to different testing requirements.
    2. Full-function trouble display including overheat, low water-level, test over and compressor overload…etc.
    3. Precise timer and time accumulator make operator aware of his test time.
    4. Includes P.I.D. value, lock-up, inspection sensor, rod, alarm for upper and lower level, build in micro-computer controller.