SP12B3 Φ 250 digital profile projector

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Product Features

The product has beautiful outline and external readout. Its operation is simple and
it suit for online inspection.
Aspheric surface spotlighting and uniform view field. It has clear image and accurate magnification.
The worktable adopts cast iron, which has light weight and high precision. It can do
coarse movement so as to improve working efficiency.
The up or down is V line guide rail with comfort transmission.
The axial-flow fan adopts double direction heat dispersion so as to provide strong
cooling ability.

Technical parameters

Screen diameter (mm): Φ250
Rotating range: 0°~360°            
Display equivalent of the rotating angle: 1′
Accuracy of rotating angle: 8′


Magnification power   10× 20×
Object Visual Field  φ25 mm φ12.5mm
Object Working Distance 75 mm 69 mm

Errors of magnification ≤ 0.08%
worktable area          (220×150) mm
Range of X-coordinate  0~100 mm      resolution 0. 001 mm
Range of Y- coordinate  0~50 mm       resolution 0. 001 mm
Range of coordinate    0~50 mm (focusing )
Accuracy of the instrument:    (4+L/25) um
of which, L=length of the workpiece measured(unit: mm)
Transmission Lighting:12V 100W   halogen Tungsten lamp

Load capacity of the worktable: 1kg
Overall sizes (mm): L/650   W/400   H/760
Rated voltage for the instrument: 220V±22V, Frequency/50HZ±1HZ,
Temperature:  20°C±5°C