SP-3020B Profile Projector

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This digital type high-precision projector is a highly efficient measuring instrument integrating light, machine and electricity. It can be widely used for industries such as mold manufacturing, metal work pressing, electronics, instrument, horologe, as well in universities, research institutes and metering examination departments.


This instrument is a precession measuring device integrating optics, mechanics, electricity and computation into an organic whole; which is widely used in the measuring rooms and workshops of related factories and plants in the sectors of machinery manufacture, instrumentation, clocks and watches and electronics industries. This instrument can easily and speedily check the profiles and surface shapes of various measured parts; e.g., various parts, cutting tools and tools of sample plates, punching pieces, cams, gears, molding milling cutters, tapping tools, etc.

Technical parameters

Model SP-3020B
Projection screen: effective diameter (mm): Φ300mm, working scope>Φ300 (internally marked with asterisk-shaped line)
Projection screen’s rotation angle: 0~360°
Resolution of rotation angle: 0.01° or 1′
Accuracy of the rotary angle:  6′
Object lens’s magnification: 10×(standard) 20×(optional) 50×(optional) 100×(optional)
View-field of object (mm): φ30   φ15  φ6  φ3
Working distance for object (mm): 75     69    44   26
Metal stage size: 400×225mm
Glass stage size: 210×112mm
Travel—X, Y axis: 200×100mm
Z axis travel: 80mm
Resolution of X Y: 0.001mm(digital display)
Accuracy: (3+L/75)µm
Stage support 3kg
Data processor: DS-401 or DS600
Ascent and descent mechanism: 45 ° oblique tooth gear
Profile light source 12V/100W tungsten halogen lamp
surface light source 24V/150W tungsten halogen lamp
Over dimensions: 380×806×1065mm
Weight: 180kg
Power supply: 110V/220V (switch) ; 50/60HZ(switch)
Optional accessories: attached RS232 interface, optional 2D measuring software, ensuring convenient operation.