SPTM-13C Digital Universal Toolmaker’s Microscope

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Product Features

The digital image technology is adopted for automatically distinguish the outline boundaries to reduce human errors and improve efficiency.
The imported precision grating system is adopted as the sensory element; with stable performance, low heating power, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance;
With powerful software, it can complete various complicated measurements.
Software data can be input to CAD for processing, enabling the efficient and fast completion of various measurements and drafting's.
The red laser points printed in the workpiece surface can speedily move the measured piece into visual field;
The observation openings of eyepieces are kept and can be speedily replaced;
All the measurements of the angles and the heights realize the digital display;
All adopts LED cold-lighting source, with low heating power and long life.

Applied fields

Large stamping parts, PCB, TFT, backlight, insulation parts, panel, frame and so on.


Model SPTM-13C
Range of X-coordinate (mm)      200mm
Range of Y-coordinate (mm) 100mm
Resolution: 0.0002 (mm)
Worktable area (mm) 260x270mm
Accuracy of the instrument: (1+L/100)µm,
Angle tilting range:  ±12°      
Maximum diameter gripped by the tailstock:  φ100 mm
Maximum length gripped by the tailstock:  700 mm
Transmission lighting: 24V  150W Halogen tungsten lamp
Reflecting lighting: 24V  150W Halogen tungsten lamp
Overall sizes of the instrument (mm):   1300×1250×800
Mainframe weight: 450 kg



Objective magnification Total magnification working distance  (mm) Object field     (mm)
1X 40X 82 20
3X 120X 70 2.3
5X 200X 49 0.8

Digital display index head
Angle measuring range: 0o~360o
Resolution ratio of the angle measuring: 5″
Accuracy of the angle measuring: 30″

Optical position indicator
Minimum detection aperture: φ5 mm
Maximum detection depth: 15mm            Metering force: 0.1N
Locating stability: 0.001mm
Limit error gauged for head diameter: 0.0005mm
Maximum load of the instrument:  40kg
Overall size of the principal machine of the instrument:  (L×B×H) = 1300×1250×800
Weight of the principal machine of the instrument:  450kg
Ambient environment of the instrument service:
Room temperature: 20°C±1°
Relative humidity: Not more than 60%