Video Measuring Machine VMJ Series

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A video measuring system is a kind of measuring instrument, by means of CCD imaging and magnifying the work-piece image to the software system, and by using various measuring functions in the strong software system  to realize microscope and quality control for the sizes, positions and forms of the measured piece. It is widely and suitably used in measurement services at various levels or workshops’ inspection stations in various industries of electronics, instruments and meters, cutting-tools and gripping devices, precision machine elements, precision hardware pieces, electronic components, plastic and rubber finished products, semiconductor components, punching pieces, socket connectors, die equipment, automobiles, machining operation, military industry, aerospace, etc. and colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, etc.


Model VMJ-1510 VMJ-2010 VMJ-3020 VMJ-4030 VMJ-5040
X ,Y ,Z travel range 150x100x200 200x100x200 300x200x200 400x300x200 500x400x200
Z move range 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
X ,Y resolution 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm
Lens magnify 0.7~4.5X 0.7~4.5X 0.7~4.5X 0.7~4.5X 0.7~4.5X
Image magnify 20X~266X 20X~266X 20X~266X 20X~266X 20X~266X
Object visual field 10~1.6mm 10~1.6mm 10~1.6mm 10~1.6mm 10~1.6mm
Accuracy (3+L/200)um
Lens China High Quality lens
CCD 430,000 pixel color (SONY CMOS chip)
Measure software VM 2.5D special video measuring software(auto-edge finder)
Machine base high quality granites
Light source profile light and surface light is LED shadow-less lamp
Over size 550x500x 950 550x500x950 650x700x950 750x980x950 800x1050x950
weight 175kg 175kg 190kg 300kg 500kg
computer(optional) 2.5G CPU ,17〞LCD ,1G memory ,160GHDD ,DVD-ROM
Optional part 0.5X , 2X  lens