Ultraviolet light weathering testing machine (QUV)


  1. it is the most widely used around the world,  thousands of QUV put into use.
  2. Can quickly and truly represent sun, rain, dew the damage to the material, only need a few days or weeks, QUV can reproduce needed outdoor damage of months or years :,including fade, color, brightness down, pulverization, cracked, blurred, embrittlement, strength and oxidation
  3. wide application fields, such as paint inks paint, resin, plastic, printing and packaging, adhesives, automobile motorcycle industry, cosmetics, metal, electronics, electroplating, medicine, etc
  4. UVA – 340 tubes: UVA – 340 tubes can very well simulate the short-wave ultraviolet light from the sun, that is, from 365 nm to sunlight by the wavelength of 295 nm range
  5. UVB rays – 313 tube: UVB – 313 tubes of short-wave ultraviolet irradiation in the sun in the earth's surface than usual strong ultraviolet ray, can be the greatest degree of speed up material aging. However, the lamp may be for some materials do not conform to the actual damage. UVB rays – 313 tube is mainly used for quality control and research and development, or the weather resistance of materials testing operation
  6. UVA – 351 tube: simulation through the window of sunshine ultraviolet light, it is the most effective aging test for indoor material
  7. Twelve nozzle spray system, in the test room each side has six; Sprinkler system can run a few minutes and then shut down. This short time of water it can rapid cooling samples, build the conditions of thermal shock
  8. Irradiation intensity control options can get available precision and good repeatability test results; Light intensity control system allows the user to test according to the different requirements set up different light intensity. Through the feedback loop device precise control illumination intensity; At the same time also can prolong the service life of fluorescent lamp

Standards: ASTM G 153, ASTM G 154, ASTM D 4329, ASTM D 4799, ASTM D 4587, ISO 4892 ISO11507