Rock permeability with Hoek cells

To measure permeability or water flow with a rock sample inserted in a Hoek cell with a controlled system of pressurised water.
The test is performed with the Hoek cells used in the triaxial compression test adapted to the corresponding head. These heads

A0691/5 Samples measuring Ø 30.10 mm.
A0692/5 Samples measuring Ø 54.74 mm.
A0693/5 Samples measuring Ø 42.04 mm.
A0694/5 Samples measuring Ø 38.10 mm.

A0710 Permeability device mounted on a tripod, connected to the cell head. 50 ml burette with 0.1 ml divisions.

A0710/1 Nylon tube (25 m).
A0708 Constant oil/water pressure system permeability tests. Used to force water flow through the Hoek cell. The hydraulic pressure can be adjusted between 0 and 3500 kPa using the valve located on the control panel. The system is equipped with a motor-driven hydraulic pump and a tap to connect to the upper head of the cell. Supplied complete with a pressure gauge with a scale from 0 – 3500 kPa.
Power supply: Single phase 220/240 V. 50 Hz.
Dimensions: 310 x 300 x 400 mm.
Weight: 20 kg approx.