AC-110A Metallurgical ManualAutomatic Cutting Machine

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AC-160 is one durable cutting designed according to the sample environment. Mighty function and cutting space make them become the ideal option of the large sample. The series of machines consist of controlling system, cutting system, lighting system ,cooling system and cleaning system. Spacious cutting room is equipped with two automatic cutting working table. X direction is for the main parallel continuous cutting , Y direction is mainly used to cut large workpieces. Three kinds of cutting models make the large workpieces freely. LCD (liquid crytal display) Shows all kinds of cutting parameter. It is easy to control the friendly user interface. Automatic cuts can reduce fatigue of the operators to improve the sample efficiency and the specimen consistency. Super cooling system can avoid burning while cutting ,Shield-style automatic gate systems, as well as explosion-proof enclosures protects the safety of the operator.


  • 7.5 inch touching liquid crystal display(LCD) with , display cutting data
  • Automatically cutting process
  • Three kinds of cutting method: chop-cutting, reciprocating cutting
  • Adjustable speed:0-2300rpm with widely cutting ranges
  • Super cutting room, T working table, quick-clamping vise
  • Triaxial linkage, transferring maximum distance 200mm, vertical shift distance 300mm
  • Precision can reach 0.005mm
  • 120L environmental protection deslagging cooling system
  • Open and close automaticaly
  • Max. cutting diameter Diameter: ¢160mm
  • Motor specification :7.5KW
  • Power Supply: 3Phases/380V/50Hz