Determining indirect tensile strength

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Indirect tensile device

Standards UNE EN 12697-23; ASTM D4123; CNR N.134

Indirect tensile device.
Used to determine indirect tensile strength of a cylindrical bituminous compound specimen with a diameter 4” or 6”. Supplied complete with interchangeable support blades for specimens with diameters of 4” and 6”. Anticorrosive cadmium plated.

Dimensions: 248 x 270 mm
Weight: 20 kg

The device uses both LVDTs and standard dial gauges (analogue and digital). The fastening system holds the LVDT without damaging it and without the need for any tools. Sample deformation is transmitted by a disc and spring system.
Apart from the two LVDTs used to measure diameter deformation, one or two LVDTs can be used to measure the axial deformation of the sample. The software can work with two, three or four sensors.
The system is completely exportable to any press.

Equipment necessary for the test:
S0237/1 LVDT displacement transducer 20 mm linear 0.25%
S0237/4 LVDT displacement transducer 50 mm linear 0.50% (optional)
V0030 Adjustable magnetic base. (optional)
S0200 Data collection unit
S0235E Software for indirect tensile tests on aggregates.
B0055 Marshall Press