Direct shear – Computerised Direct shear test

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Accessories to computerise the direct shear equipment

This shear apparatus can be used to test square specimens measuring 60 x 60 or 100 x 100 mm and cylinder specimens measuring Ø 60 x 20 mm. Shear force is applied by a motor with infi nitely adjustable test speed, a completely digital control system and LCD screen. The vertical load is applied directly on the sample by an amplifi cation lever with a ratio of 10:1. The motor can easily be inverted for residual shear testing. The tray containing the two shear blades is made of nonferrous material and mounted on two rails fi tted with ball bearings.
Test parameters are entered via a keyboard and alphanumeric display that allows fast, infi nite changes in settings. The device includes an RS 232 output for connection to a PC.
Principal characteristics of the shear apparatus
Shear velocity adjustable between 0.00001 and 6 mm/min
Maximum shear force: 5000 N
Vertical load ratio: 10:1
Maximum vertical load: 500 N
Maximum vertical load using the lever: 5500 N
Shear box and accessories made of brass.
Power supply: 220-240 V 50 Hz, single phase
Dimensions: 1100 x 1200 x 550 mm
Weight: 150 Kg
S0233 Software for direct shear tests
S0105PC PC
S0200/1 Data acquisition card with 16 channels
S0238/0 Signal converter
S0200 Data acquisition unit with 16 channels
S0237/0 LVDT, 8 mm
S0237/1 LVDT, 25 mm
V0029/3 5 kN load cell
S0238/5 LVDT-Unit connection cable S0200
S0238/4 6 m extension cable

Software for direct shear tests

This computer application is part of the soil testing package that includes the Oedometer, Direct shear, Simple compression, CBR tests and Triaxial test software.
The software is always divided into two applications.
The DATA COLLECTION application is common to all tests. This application includes highly intuitive menus that allow the user to choose predefi ned tests and to create new tests with new control parameters that are particularly useful for research centres. The sensors are also managed with this application, which enables them to be registered, deregistered, calibrated, etc.
The software can be used to control a large number of tests simultaneously and allow them to be viewed in real time.
It also has data backup capability in the event of power outage.
The DATA ANALYSIS application is used to study the results of direct shear tests and includes the following tests:
Rectangular direct shear (COR)
Circular direct shear (COC)
Velocity determination test (VEL)