Dynamic load plate test

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A light piece of equipment for dynamic load plate tests for onsite determination of the dynamic deformation modulus of compact layers in embankments and granular bases. This test is almost instantaneous and avoids the use of trucks or other heavy elements for reaction.
Unlike the other equipment, it includes a force transducer, allowing for changes in weights, fall height and plate diameters. This means that it can be used to determine a wider range of moduli than other equipment.
The results are uploaded directly to a laptop or wireless PDA.
The accessories include as many as three geophones to determine moduli of deep layers. Easy to transport from one test location to another by means of the Troley system.
Another accessory that can be incorporated into the equipment is a GPS, for geo-locating all the readings.
This data can later be transferred to digital maps.
This is the only equipment that directly determines the modulus without applying correction factor