ETIMATIC 3000 KN capacity – Servocontrolled

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For compression tests in cylindrical, cubic, prism and indirect tensile test specimens. H0206 PLUS digital display reading with microprocessor. Supplied with ENAC calibration certifi cate and instruction manual. The ETIMATIC module includes a servo-assisted system that completely controls the load gradient. The operator simply has to choose the type of test specimen, its dimensions and start the test. The press and ETIMATIC will do the rest. The display will continuously show the load, the failure load and the strength calculation in the selected units in real time.
The load control system is completely new and emulates a servo-valve using a pump that accurately controls oil flow to the piston, controlling the rotation speed of the pump motor. This new system developed by Proetisa guarantees reliability and productivity, accurate results, repeatability and extreme precision. Another very significant characteristic of this new system is its low noise level. The unit is extremely quiet. Press performance can be expanded by adding a rack for bending tests.