Expansion test table

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Standards EN 12350-5; BS 1881-105; DIN 1048
This equipment is appropriate for testing concrete mixes with high and very high workability. It consists of a double square wooden table measuring 70 cm per side, with a galvanized sheet metal top, and one of the bottom sides fitted with hinges. A galvanized sheet metal cone measuring Ø 130/200 x 200 mm is located on the middle of the table. The test consists of introducing the concrete through the cone and stirring it.
Then, the top of the table is lifted and lowered 15 times in 15 seconds to a height of 4 cm. Finally, the concrete that has spread on the table is measured and its workability is evaluated. The equipment is supplied with the cone and a wooden tamper.
Cone dimensions: 130 x 200 x 200 mm
Table dimensions: 700 x 700 x 330 mm