Ignition oven

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Standards UNE EN 12697-39; AASHTO T164; NLT384/00; ASTM T 308-99
This NCAT asphalt content device is an analyzer that determines the asphalt content in a sample by igniting the sample. The asphalt sample is bathed in oxygenated air and weighed continuously during the ignition process.
The NCAT asphalt content analyser software identifies the end point of the ignition and indicates the end of the test. A printer outputs the results.
The oven is heated to a pre-established temperature in the range 450 ºC – 550 ºC
The hot asphalt mix sample is weighed, divided into equal parts and placed in two reinforced baskets mounted on a tray assembly. The complete assembly is placed on the tray on the oven floor. The tray is mounted on four ceramic supporting tubes that, in turn, are placed on the platform of a digital scale.
A fan pushes ambient air through the holes in the four ceramic support tubes located at the base of the chamber. This oxygenated air saturates the asphalt sample laid out to facilitate its ignition and incineration.
The volatile elements that are released are later oxidised when they pass through a ceramic filter heated to 750 ºC in a chamber over the main chamber. Five exit nozzles direct the exhaust air toward a plenum chamber with shutters. There the exhaust gas is cooled by mixing it with ambient air.
The fan then pushes the exhaust gases through the exhaust nozzle of the plenum chamber. A standard, one-piece exhaust pipe drives the exhaust gases to an external extraction system.
After between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the weight of the sample, the oven detects the end of the test when all the bitumen has been incinerated and stops emitting a whistle.
A report is printed showing the percentage of bitumen per aggregate and mixture.
Power supply: 6000 W / 220 – 240 V
Width: 55 cm
Depth: 63 cm
Height: 105 cm