JB-300B Dial display Impact Testing Machine

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Brief Introduction: A impact testing machine is used to determine the energy absorbed in fracturing a test piece at high velocity. JB-300B is a dial display impact testing machine, which is mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of ferrous metal materials with high toughness, especially for steel and iron and their alloy, under dynamic load.
This machine can be operated semi-automatically. The pendulum of the machine can be raised or released automatically. With 300J and 150J pendulums separately, this machine can examine the impact energies at high precise.

Standards:  In accordance with ISO 148 or ASTM E23, GB/T229-1994, GB/T3808-2002

Applications:  Be applicable for continuing impact testing in different kinds of laboratories and other metallurgy industrial manufactories. It is a ideal equipment for quality control center, engineering areas,  college and research institute,  as well as other areas concerning material impact testing.


Max. striking energy 150J, 300J
Pendulum moment 80.3848N.m, 160.7695N.m
Pendulum preparing angle 150º
Distance between pendulum center and impact point 750mm
Impact velocity 5.2m/s
Span of specimen seat 40mm
End face radius of specimen seat 1~1.5mm
Radius of impact knife 2~2.5mm
Angle of impact knife 30º±1º
Min. resolution of impact energy 2/1J
Thickness of impact knife 16mm
Specifications of specimen 10×10×55mm
Net weight About 430kg
Dimension 800×578×1400mm
Power supply 3 phases 4 lines, 50Hz, 380V
Power of motor 180W