Methylene blue test

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Standards EN 933-9; NF P94-068; NF P18-592
This test is used to measure the methylene blue absorption capacity of sand fines. Methylene blue test equipment, consisting of:
A0550 Electronic paddle stirrer with digital reading. Supplied complete with stirring paddle, support and fixing chuck. Speed adjustable between 400-700 rpm.
V7552 Burette, with 50 ml glass stopcock.
A0552 Box of filter paper, ø 125 mm.
A0553 300 mm glass rod.
V6806 Beaker, 600 ml.
A0555 Methylene blue (25 g box).
V0190 Base plate support measuring 190 x 135 mm. Rod measuring ø 9 x 500 mm.
V0265 Double straight chuck.
V0266 Burette clamp