Multi-angle Gloss Meter HP-380

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  • The appearance design conforms to physical dynamics, high accuracy and stable performance
  • Multi-angle one-key measurement: One-key operation can complete three angles' measurement to meet data demand under different gloss conditions, incident angle of light measurement conforms to ISO and ASTM standards
  • Professional analysis software for the gloss data analysis and output, easy to transfer data by blue-tooth and mobile memory card
  • Auomatic calibration, international calculation of max, min, mean standard deviation and coeffient of vibration
  • Optional angle mode: measurement angle or angle calibration can be selected by user's need
  • Mass storage: Under triangle mode, 10000 times or 1000 groups of measurement data can be stored
  • Alarms for low-power and "Not enough storage space"


Measurement angle 20°    60°    85°
Standards ISO2813,ISO7668,  ASTM D523,ASTM D2457
Incidence angle (GU) Gs( 20°):0.0~120
Gs( 60°):0.0~120
Gs( 85°):0.0~120
Gs( 20°):120~1200
Gs( 60°):120~1200
Gs( 85°):120~160
Measuring optical spot (mm) Gs( 20°):10*10
Gs( 60°):9*15
Gs( 85°):5*38
Resolution (GU) 0.1 1
Repeatability (GU) 0.5 0.5%
Indication error (GU) -1.5~+1.5 -1.5%~+1.5%
Zero value error (GU) 0.2
Power Supply Both 5V AA battery and power supply
Operating temperature 10°C~40°C
Storage temperature -10°C~70°C
Relative humidity Less than 85%, Non-condensation
Dimension 164 mm x 58 mm x 88 mm
Net Weight 520 g
Standard delivery Optional accessories
  • Main unit
  • Software
  • USB connecting cable
  • Standard panel
  • 5V AA batteries
  • Power supply
  • Instruction Manual
  • TIME certificate