Proctor/CBR/Marshall automatic compactor

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Standards NLT-107, 108, 111, 59; AASHTO T -99; ASTM D698, D1557, D1883
This equipment has been especially developed for compacting soil samples in Standard Proctor, Modified Proctor, CBR and Marshall test and, in general terms, any user-defined compaction test.

The machine consists of:
A metal rack with a four-point anchoring system at the bottom that acts as a support for all the mechanical systems of the machine. The front of the rack has a plexiglass window through which the compaction hammer mechanism system can be viewed.
A set of electromagnetic fastening clamps that lift and release the hammer, equipped with rotation adjustment to adapt to the various tests to be performed.
The fastening clamps are also equipped with rubber parts that are easy to replace in the event of excessive wear.
The signifi cant advantage of this system over other chain-driven systems or similar is that wear and deterioration due to fatigue are limited to the rubber parts of the fastening clamps, since these are the only parts of the equipment that are in contact with the compaction hammer. Control and display module.

The machine includes the following accessories for soil testing:
• A tube or hammer for CBR, Standard Proctor and Modified Proctor tests.
• A special steel base for Standard Proctor moulds.
• A special steel base for CBR and Modified Proctor moulds.
• A special hardened steel hammer stand for Standard Proctor.
• A special hardened steel hammer stand for Modified Proctor.
• A special hardened steel hammer stand for CBR.

Accessories for the Marshall test:
• A tube or hammer for the Marshall test.
• A special hardened steel hammer stand for Marshall.
• A Marshall tamper.
• A Marshall mould holder.

Technical characteristics
Electrical connections: 220 or 380, three phase.
Consumption: 1200 W
Approximate weight of the unit: 275 Kg