Programmable Temperature & Humidity Walk-In Chamber

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1. Cable port :
Two sizes of cable port are available :
Ø50 mm and Ø100 mm.
2. Doors :
Two types of doors are available: double swing door
( 140W-180H cm ) and single swing door ( 80W-180H cm ) .
3. Entrance curtain :
Provided to avoid disturbance of atmospheric temperature and humidity while opening the door.
4. Floor reinforcement :
A stainless steel plate prevents dents and gouges on the floor while moving the specimen.
5. Carry-in inclined platform :
Provided below the door to facilitate moving of specimens in and out through the door.
6. Entire ceiling blow-out duct :
The extremely wide airinlet reduces the airflow rate ( down to approx 0.5 m/s )
7. Plug socket :
A waterproof plug socket is provided inside the chamber, and is attached with an individual waterproof plug.
8. Temperature and humidity recorder :
Y-100-6 -50 to -100°C 0 to100% RH 100mm Temp. 3 dots, Humid. 3 dots ; Y-180-12 -50 to -100°C 0 to 100% RH 180mm Temp. 6 dots, Humid. 6 dots.
9. Water purifier :
Provided to keep the humidifying heater and wet-bulb temperature detecting wick free from scale.