QC-639F(G) Digital Impact Tester

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ASTM D256/D1822, JIS k7110, CNS 3843/5846/8768/9284

Digital Impact Tester is designed to measure how many capacity it need to break the brittle material, this capacity could be recorded as the impact strength of the material. The value of capacity will show on LCD, you don’t have to do complicated calculation


Specs  Description
 Izod type  QC-639F ◎Capacity:1J,2.75J ,5.5J ,11J ,22J

 QC-639G ◎Capacity:22J ,50J

 Charpy type  QC-639F ◎Capacity:1J ,2J ,5J ,11J

 QC-639G ◎Capacity:25J ,50J

 Energy loss  < 2.5%
 Best test range  10 ~ 90% of the pendulum capacity
 Minimum display angle  0.05&deg;
 Izod type  QC-639F ◎Capacity:1J,2.75J ,5.5J ,11J ,22J

 QC-639G ◎Capacity:22J ,50J

 Impact angle  150&deg;
 Unit  J ,J/mm ,J/cm ,J/mm2 ,
 J/cm2 ,KJ/m2 ,Kg-cm ,Kg-
 cm/mm ,Kg-cm/cm ,ft-lb ,ft-lb/in ,ft-
 Power  Single phase 100 ~ 240 V
 Weight  QC-639F ◎200 kg

 QC-639G ◎250 kg

 Dimension  QC-639F ◎88 × 42 × 80 cm

 QC-639G ◎90 × 45 × 80 ㎝