Skid resistance coefficient (C.P.A)

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TRRL Pendulum skid resistance tester

Standards EN 1097-8; EN 13036-4; NLT 175; ASTM E303; BS 812:114; NF P15-578
This test was developed by the Road Research Laboratory of Great Britain, an organisation dedicated to studying problems relating to the design, construction, maintenance and use of highways. The machine consists of an adjustable pendular arm and a spring-loaded rubber footing mounted on the end of the arm. The base has three adjustable legs and a spirit level to level the pendulum.
Complete with 6 rubber footings for “in situ” testing, thermometer, graduated perpex scale, two spanners, water bottle, folding chair with instrument tray, transparent plastic cover, portable case and instruction manual. The device is calibrated using a “Criggion” stone, characterised as being an exceptionally consistent material.
Dimensions: 790 x 650 x 230 mm.
Dimensions with box: 830 x 750 x 350 mm.
Weight: 32 kg.