SP-21 Φ350 Digital Measuring Projector

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Especially suitable for the measurement and detection of projection image drawings and profile observation, etc.; The in-line type is adopted for the objective replacement, sides fitted, with much convenience in replacement; The bottom-placement of projection screen makes it possible for the operator to sit, more convenient for drawing and observing the magnified image. Worktable has a large moving range.

Technical parameters

Model SP-21
Projection screen:  Φ 350 mm
Rotation range: 360°
Objective Magnification Power 5X     10X     20X    50X
Object Visual Field  Φ75mm   φ35mm   φ17.5mm    φ7mm
Object Working Distance 163 mm    89 mm   57 mm   58mm
Range of X-coordinate (mm)      200mm
Range of Y-coordinate (mm) 100mm
Resolution: 0.001 (mm)
Load capacity of the worktable (kg) 5kg
Worktable area (mm) 380x230mm
Stroke of Z-coordinate (Focusing): 0~100 (mm)
Accuracy of the instrument: (3+L/75)µm,
Transmission lighting: 12V  100W Halogen tungsten lamp
Reflecting lighting: 12V  100W Halogen tungsten lamp
Overall sizes of the instrument (mm):   854×480×1401
Mainframe weight: 138 kg