Vicat needle

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Automatic Vicat apparatus

Standards EN 196/3; D.M. 3/6/68; ASTM C191; DIN 11 64 11 68; BS 4550; NF P15-414; P15-431; AASHTO T131
Automatic Vicat needle to determine the setting time, operating at fixed intervals, with data recording. With this needle, the entire process is automatic from the moment the test parameter are selected, thus preventing any of the possible errors made during a manual process. The equipment also includes a program for testing plaster, in compliance with DIN 1168. The probe weighs 300 g (1000 g AFNOR) and needle diameter is 1.13 mm (1 mm ASTM). The equipment performs a complete penetration cycle in 30 seconds or at intervals of 1 – 5 – 10 – 15 – 30 minutes between penetrations.
The equipment enables the selection of any of the following test programs:
Standards EN – AFNOR – BS – DIN 26 penetrations, mold Ø 70/80/40.
Standard ASTM 41 penetrations, mold Ø 60/70/40.
Standard UNE 90 penetrations, mold Ø 80/90/40.
Plaster tests as per DIN 1168 22 penetrations
This apparatus is made of a light alloy making the instrument sufficiently solid and resistant to withstand any working conditions. Its light weight makes it easy to transport. Testing times ranging from 1 to 99 minutes can be selected and it has program start delay ranging from 0 to 360 minutes. The sample tray turns automatically so the needle penetrates in a different position every time from a pre-selected position depending on the selected testing standard. Optionally and on request, an automatic needle cleaning device can be mounted, without modifying the section or the results of the test. Initial and final setting times are drawn on the diagram based on the number and depth of the penetrations. When the test is completed, the device stops automatically. In the event of a power failure, an error message will appear on the display when the test restarts to indicate the time when the interruption occurred (number of penetrations made and test time lapsed).
Technical characteristics:
Membrane keypad with backlit LCD display of 128X64 pixels.
Needle height calibration programme.
Test execution programme.
Language selection, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
Support tray for glass base with automatic centring system.
Automatic system to adjust the pressure of the chart recorder pen on the paper.
Power supply: 15V DC – with electric power supply 100-250V/1ph/43-63Hz.
Dimensions: 200x420x300 mm.
Weight: 11 kg.
The apparatus is supplied complete with:
1.3 mm diameter needle (EN, BS, DIN, NF, UNE).
1 mm diameter needle (ASTM, AASHTO).
300 g probe.
Ø 70/80 x 40 mm tapered mold (EN).
Ø 120 mm glass base.
Chart recorder pen.
Chart recorder paper (100 units).
Instructions manual.
Test accessories for different standards must be requested separately.
With the specific accessories, available to order, the apparatus can also perform the consistency test for GIPS plasters.

Manual Vicat needle

Consisting of a base with support, a sliding probe measuring Ø 10 m and weighing 300 g, and a graduated scale. Supplied complete with a Ø 1.13 mm needle for initial setting and a Ø 1.13 mm needle for final setting, a Ø 120 mm glass base and a tapered mold measuring (EN) Ø 70/80 x 40 mm.

Molding tank
For testing samples immersed in water. The test must be performed in a room with controlled temperature of 20ºC ± 1º C. The saturated humidity is obtained by immersing the sample in water as indicated in Standard EN 196-3.

Thermostat controlled heating and cooling unit
The system produces water at a controlled temperature of 20ºC ± 1º C that is recirculated in the C00169/17 tank for testing at controlled temperature and humidity levels, as indicated in Standard EN 196-3. It can be used with a single Vicat needle.
Power supply: Single phase 220-240 V/50 Hz. 1150 W.
Dimensions: 625 x 380 x 410 mm.
Weight: 26 kg.

Vicat manual needle for plaster
Consisting of a base, a sliding probe measuring 10 mm and weighing 100 g, and a graduated scale. Supplied complete with needle, Ø 120 mm glass base and tapered mold in compliance with UNE standards.
Accessories and spare parts:
C0015/Y/1 100 g probe.

C0015Y//2 Conical penetration needle of Ø 8 x 50 mm long.