Wear resistance

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Abrasion machine

Standards EN 1341, 1342,1343; UNE EN 1339, 10545-6; UNE 13748-2
A0650 Abrasion machine to determine the wear resistance of cement tiles. An electro-mechanically driven machine with a Ø 200 mm disc 70 ± 0.1 mm thick. The pressure of the disk on the specimen is generated by a 14 kg counterbalance.
A dosing hopper with a capacity for 10 l of abrasive material is mounted on an adjustable support. The control module includes an automatic meter with rpm selection control, an indication light and emergency stop button. The machine is completely closed to prevent dust escaping and to minimise noise. It is equipped with a safety system that stops the machine automatically if the doors are opened. Manufactured in compliance with EC safety requirements.
Test speed: 75 rpm.
Abrasive outlet: 3 I/min (adjustable).
Power supply: 220/380 V. 50 Hz.
Dimensions: 800 x 1360 x 1700 mm.
Weight: 300 kg.

Abrasion meter

Standards UNE EN ISO 10545-7/1996
A measuring instrument to determine the abrasion resistance of glazed ceramic in compliance with standard ISO 10545; EN 102.
Fully automatic operating cycle.
Electrical operation.
Three test stations.
Pre-selectable automatic turn interruption.
Tough, robust equipment.
Wet (PEI) or dry (MCC) abrasion loads.
The equipment includes:
700 g of steel balls with Ø 5 mm.
52.5 g of steel balls with Ø 3 mm.
43.75 g of steel balls with Ø 2 mm.
8.75 g of steel balls with Ø 1 mm.
30 g of aluminium oxide, grain size 80 (FEPA).
20 ml of deionised or distilled water.

Dorry Machine

Standards EN 1097-8; UNE EN 1342; ASTM C131, C535; BS 812-3
To determine the resistance of aggregates to surface wear. This device consists of a round surface of Ø 600 mm that rotates horizontally while a funnel continuously discharges a jet of sand on the surface, in front of each specimen. After passing under the specimens, the material is separated and collected. The machine is supplied complete with two specimen molds, two collection trays, two plates, weights and adjustments hooks.
Power supply: 220/380 V. 50 Hz.
Dimensions: 650 x 800 1000 mm.
Weight: 200 kg.
A0651/1 Dorry set of two molds.
A0651/2 Abrasive sand, 25 kg sack.